Recruiting FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about recruiting testers via Centercode's Recruiting tool


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Our goal with the Recruiting tool is to make the process of user acquisition feature-rich and flexible, while still maintaining reliability and consistency. With Centercode's Recruiting, you’ll create Opportunities within your projects that utilize various Sources for bringing in your users. To keep track of users you’ve invited, Opportunities leverage Opportunity Pools - a compiled list of all individuals and unique access Keys associated with an Opportunity.

In this guide, you’ll find answers to many of our most frequently encountered questions and issues. Click the link for in-depth details and troubleshooting steps or scroll below to locate it:

What is Recruiting?

Recruiting is a set of connected tools that handle all of the ways users join your Customer Validation Community or Project. These tools have been implemented to standardize the way users are identified, invited, and join. (Read More about Recruiting)

How do I invite users to my Community and Project?

You'll leverage Sources to generate lists of candidates (called Pools), then invite candidates to your Community and/or Project. The source directs them to a chosen Opportunity which determines the landing page, the destination Team(s), error messages, user limits, and more. (Read More about Sources)

How do I force users into my Project without their interaction?

Quick Invite supports this functionality. Use both checkboxes under Advanced Options to skip sending an invitation, and automatically push the account into your Project. Note that this is only available if the invitee already has a Community account. (Read More about Quick Invite)

How can I verify my users account information, and that they have received the product?

You can have your users verify any of their account level information (anything that you've got set to be collected on account creation) using an Account Verification notice type. (Read More about Notice Types)

To have users verify that they have received your product before they are allowed to begin testing you can use the Product Verification feature located in the Users section of your Management navigation bar. (Read More about Product Verification)

"User exists in this source already”

This means that the potential user has already been invited via the Source you're using. If you're trying to add via Quick Invite, then you've already tried Quick Inviting them. Instead, view the Quick Invite Pool and invite from there. (Read More)

Where can I search for users I’ve invited? 

Invited candidates that are still waiting in your Pools aren’t added to your Community or Project as Users until they click through the invitation and join. (Read More)

How do I find users that I’ve invited?

Community Tools or Project Tools > Recruiting > Click Moderate Candidates at the Opportunity you've used or click on the Source you’ve used. You'll be taken to a list of emails in the Candidate pool where you can apply a variety of filters. (Read More)

How do I send follow-up email invites to users I’ve already invited?

Manage those who haven’t joined your Community or Project yet in Community Tools or Project Tools > Recruiting > Click Moderate Candidates at the Opportunity you've used or click on the Source you’ve used. Click Email to send emails to all users. You can also filter for emails. (Read More)

"This Opportunity Is Not Available"

The Opportunity used to invite your candidates has either expired, reached its user limit, is missing Destination Teams (the Team(s) were removed after the Opportunity was created), or is otherwise inactive. (Read More)

"Your filter matched inactive results which are not shown."

This message occurs if some aspect of your Recruiting is inactive. For example, your Opportunity might be set to inactive, preventing anyone in its Pools from being viable candidates. Make sure your Opportunities and Sources are active to allow for invitations and accepting incoming candidates.

How do I control the Community Recruiting experience for new users being invited into my Project? 

Within your Project Opportunity, the "Users will be Recruited into Community via" setting references the available Community Opportunities for new accounts.

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This setting dictates how incoming candidates will create their accounts if they don't already have one. You can select which Community Opportunity new users experience first in order to reach your Project. (Read More)

How do I change my landing page text?

The landing page copy is controlled by the Opportunity. Click into your Recruiting tool to modify your landing page. (Read More)

How do I set the Teams my users get added to when they join my Community or Project?

Your Opportunity also controls the Destination Team your users get added to when joining your Community or Project. (Read More)

How do I know who has been invited to join my Community or Project?

Your Opportunity’s Pool Management dashboard includes statuses such as # of times emailed. (Read More)

How does “Not Interested?” work?

Not Interested refers to all invitees who clicked the “Not Interested?” link in the footer of an Recruiting email or on the Opportunity’s landing page. These candidates will be automatically excluded from future invites for that Opportunity.  (Read More)

Why can't my users see the Project they've been added to on their homepage?

If they've accepted an invitation to the project but still can't see it listed on their Community Homepage, they’re likely lacking the Access Project Role from within that Project's Roles. (Read More)

Why are my users getting this “the Page Your Are Attempting to Access Is Unavailable” message?

While this is not specifically an issue with Recruiting, this is still something your users may experience when accessing your Project or a specific piece of content. This message simply refers to those resources may likely be missing the appropriate Team Access within the resource’s basic settings, or have an expiration date set that has passed.

If your users can’t see their Projects on your Community Homepage, they’re likely lacking the Access Project Role from within that Project. (Read More)

Why can't my users see the Content, Survey, User Profile, Homepage, etc. as they log into my Community or Project?

There are two steps in troubleshooting this issue. 1) Review the Team Access of the resource that’s not presenting and ensure it’s set as a Notice. 2) Review the Notice tool and ensure that the Notice Chain, the order that your Notices resolve, is ordered appropriately. 

  1. Review your resource’s Team Access (located in Basic Settings) and ensure that the desired Team(s) have Notice marked off
  2. Click Community Tools or Project Tools
  3. Click Notices
  4. Locate the Agreement, Survey, or Content that’s not being presented to your users. Click the left of the resource and drag it to the appropriate position
  5. Use the Preview Notice Chain tool and review the Notice Chain for your team(s)

What are "Sourceless Users"?

"Sourceless Users" typically refers to users who were added via Recruiting but their associated Opportunity and/or Source was deleted.