What are the various Notice Types typically used for?

This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.


New Content can be set as a Notice at both the Project and Community levels. You can also set existing Content as a Notice by modifying the existing Content and scrolling down to the Team Access section. Check the box in the Notice column for the team(s) who will see this Notice. Finally, select which type of Notice should be used and click Submit. The following Notice Types exist within Centercode:

  1. Agreement - This Notice Type requires the user to enter personal information (username and password) or email address for sites using Single Sign-On) to digitally Agree to the details included. Typically this is used to force Users to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or some other required Legal Copy.
  2. Block - This Notice Type halts the Users progress into the Community or Project level (depending on which level of the site it is created in). This is typically used to block Users of an Applicants Team from entering a Project until such time as they are accepted and moved to an appropriate Member Team.
  3. Click Through - This Notice Type can be passed by simply clicking on a button at the bottom of the form, and is typically used to relay important information to a User Team, such as a downtime notification, new Release download available, or simply to update a Team of Users with some basic Project information.
  4. Yes/No - This Notice Type will prompt Users with information followed by a Yes or No button, that can be used in conjunction with a Notice Macro to do varying actions to the User based on which response they select. The results of Yes and No responses can also be tracked via Filters and Views to see what users responses to the Notice were.

    Important Note -
    Yes/No Notices will continue to populate upon login as long as the user continually selects "No". Once the user selects "Yes" as their answer, the data engine will update to "Yes" and the Notice will not populate again (unless set to recurring).
  5. Account Verification - This Notice Type will prompt Users to verify select contact information, which can include any of the contact information collected during community account creation that is marked as Shown, Required, or Notice Only (Collecting Contact Information on Account Creation). The notice will ask users to verify the information they previously entered (or enter new information if it is a "shown" field that they have no completed). This notice type is useful for confirming you have up-to-date shipping information for tests where Users will be sent a physical product.
  6. HTTP - This Notice Type is used for integration to other systems, and is sometimes set up to interface with outside items such as an external NDA form, or other external systems.