Distributing Reports

Sending complete report results via email

Ad Hoc Report Distribution

To send an ad hoc distribution, useful for updating individuals or fulfilling one-off requests, utilize the Email Report button at the bottom of the page whenever viewing a Report:

Scheduled Report Distribution

To set up an automatic, scheduled distribution, modify the existing report by hovering your mouse over the report and selecting the Edit icon. Next, utilize the Access and Distribution options as described below. If your reports are set to automatically distribute (or refresh), the Report Management UI displays an icon with hover-over information:

Access and Distribution

The options listed within the Access and Distribution section control which teams can view the results of the report within the site and which teams or individuals receive the scheduled distributions. Use the checkboxes to select team(s) to receive the report via email - the list of recipients being dynamic based on team membership - and/or enter specific addresses for those individuals or email aliases which should also receive the distributions.

Auto-Refresh and Distribution Interval

After adding recipients for your report distribution, you'll select an interval for how often you want the data automatically refreshed and sent to the recipients including a starting date and time. Distributions will be sent from the From Name and Email address entered below.

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