Exporting and Distributing Report Data

Getting User, Feedback, and Project data to stakeholders

This article applies to Pro, Team, and Legacy editions. 

Centercode’s Reporting allows you to analyze and present your data in a wide variety of ways. Once you’ve created your report(s) (via Macro Reports or Custom Reports), your preferred method of consumption and dissemination will lead you down any of three paths. First, you can view your report directly within the Reporting interface. Second, exporting the report to PDF, CSV, or XLSX allows you to take the data offline or into a more manipulable format. Finally, you may prefer to send that report and all its contents to your stakeholders for review through a regularly scheduled distribution. 

Exporting Reports

Your data doesn’t solely live within your Centercode implementation. Exporting complete reports or individual elements are available in a number of valuable formats: PDF, CSV, or Excel’s XLSX. These allow you to consume and manipulate the information within however you see fit. More information on generating report exports is here.

Distributing Reports

Distributing a Report sends you a complete package of formats that includes both reporting formats (PDF & XLSX), as well as an HTML email. You can choose to send a one-off distribution to the email address(es) of your choice or set up an automatic, scheduled distribution to entire Project Teams or a list of individuals. More information on distributing reports to stakeholders is here.