Sources and Source Types

Different methods for users to join your Community and Project


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A critical part of Centercode's Recruiting, Sources are the various pathways your users can take to join your Community or Project. Sources track and determine how your testers are brought into your portal. You can have as many Sources as makes sense for your Opportunities

For example, you might have multiple Email Lists provided from marketing, a couple URLs posted on your website or during events, and referrals routing users into your Community or Project. 

In order to keep track of everyone you targeted and/or invited, Sources generate Opportunity Pools - compiled lists of all the potential users associated with your Opportunity. For information on options for viewing, managing, and contacting users in these lists, check out our Opportunity Pools article.

Source Types:

The following are the various types of sources available within Onboarding. Each have their own unique functions and benefits. Click the titles for more information, potential use-cases, and helpful tips:

  • Dedicated URL - Provide a customizable URL to your Opportunity landing page.
  • Community Filter - Build a Opportunity Pool of targeted users based on any information available at the Community scope. (Project Only)
  • Email List - Generate an Opportunity Pool of email addresses by adding a list manually or via uploaded CSV/XLSX.
  • Consumable Keys - Generate single-use keys to distribute to potential users. 
  • User Referrals - Give existing users the ability to refer a set number of their friends or colleagues to the team(s) of your choice.
  • Team Access - Grant immediate access for chosen Community Team(s) to join your Project. (Project Only)
  • Quick Invite - Invite potential users directly to a chosen Team or through a preconfigured Opportunity on the fly.

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