Invitation Types

Different methods for users to join your Community and Project


This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.

A critical part of Centercode's Recruiting, Invitation Types are the various pathways your users can take to join your Community or Project. Invitation Types track and determine how your testers are brought into your portal. You can have as many Invitation Types as makes sense for your Opportunities

For example, you might have multiple Email Lists provided from marketing, a couple URLs posted on your website or during events, and referrals routing users into your Community or Project. 

In order to keep track of everyone you targeted and/or invited, Invitation Types generate Recruitment Pools - compiled lists of all the potential users associated with your Recruitment. For information on options for viewing, managing, and contacting users in these lists, check out our Recruitment Pools article.

Invitation Types:

The following are the various types of Invitation Types available within a given Recruitment. Each have their own unique functions and benefits. Click the titles for more information, potential use-cases, and helpful tips:

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