Dedicated URL Source

Use a link to invite users to my Community / Project

Dedicated URL Source allows you to create a customizable URL to distribute to your users in order to join your Community or Project via an Opportunity. Having a unique URL is handy to post on your website, distribute through email, documentation, forums, advertisement, analogue materials, and general hyperlinking convenience.

To create a Dedicated URL:     

  1. Hover over the Opportunity click the + icon
  2. Select Dedicated URL
  3. Fill out Source Name and Key
  4. Click Next to complete
  • The Key field allows you to customize your invitation URL. The Key must be an alphanumeric value, which means no special characters may be used (however “-” and “_” are allowed). Any spaces that appear in your key will be automatically removed. 
  • Open Opportunities makes your Opportunity open to anyone (existing in your portal or not). The Opportunity will appear on your portals RSS Feed. To navigate to this page, enter "/open" at the end of your portal URL ( *In most cases, this will not be checked.
  • Use the QR Code feature to invite candidates via banners, pamphlets, or other analogue marketing materials with a smartphone.
  • Use as Default Community Source (Community only) allows you to set a single Dedicated URL Source (indicated by a house icon ) as the standard onboarding path for any user who lands on your login page.
  • Use as Project User Source (Community only) allows for your Source to be selected at the Project level for new or existing users. It assigns users a specific onboarding path into the Community before joining a Project. Hover-over the tree icon to display where Project Opportunities are being used.

Email Opt-In allows candidates to add their email address to a holding pool associated with the Dedicated URL Source.  This helps you gauge interest or get an early start building your panel before sending emails. *In most cases, this will not be checked.


  • When a Dedicated URL is deleted, the Key remains unique. If you attempt to re-create a Dedicated URL with a Key that was previously deleted, you'll be unable to do so.
  • When announcing a test to the Betabound Community, we ask that you have an active Opportunity and Dedicated URL. 

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