How do I send a follow-up emails users I've invited?

Getting candidates to fully join your project

Once you’ve used the appropriate Sources to acquire and pool your potential users, you may need to manage those who are yet unconverted. 

From the Project Homepage:

1. Click the Project Tools link in the left-hand menu.
2. Click the Onboarding button in the main body area.
3. Hover over the appropriate Opportunity and click the Moderate Candidates icon or the email icon. You can also click onto the Source used.

4. If you've clicked Moderate Candidates, you may email your candidates individually with the email icon or email all with the Email button below.

5. Select your Email Template, then click Submit.
6. Preview the email you're about to send. Feel free to utilize the "Email Me a Preview" function to receive an emailed preview.
7. Once you're satisfied, verify the number of emails you're sending and click Submit.


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