The means through which users join your Community and Project


This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.

Within Centercode Recruiting, Recruitments control landing page and Recruiting experience of your Community or Project invitations. 

Recruitments are enabled by Invitation Types which act as the pathway to your Recruitment’s doorstep. Any user who joins a Community or Project did so via an Invitation Type and through an Recruitment. 

Your landing pages should be catchy and informative, encouraging potential applicants to join while ensuring they understand both the demographic/technical requirements and participation expectations. 

The Recruiting experience is determined by setting the Destination Team(s) for the Recruitment. Users who convert through your landing page are added to the selected team(s). The team(s) then determine their login experience and access to resources as they enter - everything from initial profiling forms and presented Notices to access to other resources like bug reports and product downloads. It all starts with an Recruitment's Destination Team(s).

To create a new Recruitment:

  1. To Create a New Community Recruitment:
    In the upper left of your screen click on Your Community Logo> Community Management>Recruiting

    To Create a new Project Recruitment:
    In the upper left of your screen click on Management> Users>Recruiting
  2. Click on Create a Community/Project Recruitment
  3. Complete in the following sections:
    1. Internal Name - the name used to internally identify this Recruitment
    2. Page Title - the title of the landing page associated with this Recruitment
    3. Page Body - the message or contents to explain this Recruitment to users
    4. Destination Team - the Team on which users are placed when they apply

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