Setting a Project as a Project Template to be used in the future

Start your Project off on the right foot and capitalize on other efficient functionality with a Project Template


This Articles Applies To: 
Impact Edition Pro Edition Team Edition Legacy Edition


In order to instill consistent and effective testing practices from Project to Project, Centercode offers comprehensive and highly-functional Project Templates. Setting a Project as a Template allows administrators to copy the entirety of that project for their own test, as well as enables valuable efficient features like cloning of Surveys, Content, or Releases. Follow these steps to set your project as a Template:

  1. Click into the Project that contains the resource you'd like to clone
  2. Click on Management>Project Configuration>Project Template in the top navigation bar
  3. Verify either Global Template or Program Template is checked on (see notes far below)
    (If it is not, click on either Global Template or Program Template)
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the page

You have successfully set a Project as a Project Template.

Once your project is set as a Template, you can create a new project using your new Template.


  • Manage Project Role


  • Certain aspects of a project cloned from a non-static template will not clone, detailed here.
  • Program Templates are Project Templates that can only be used within the same Program. Global Templates can be used for any new Project.
  • When creating a new Project, the Projects that you have marked as Templates will be usable as a basis for your new Project (Manager created areas will exist, but User generated data will not).