What is not cloned when using a Project Template?


This article applies to Pro, Team, and Legacy editions.

Project Templates can be a valuable time saving tool when setting up new projects, but come with some limitations. Not every aspect of a project can be cloned, so even when using a Project Template there will be some aspects you'll need to set up manually for each new project.

When cloning a non-static template project (any project that has been manually set as either a Program Template or Global Template), it will check if there are certain aspects that the existing project has that will not be cloned or activated. If there are items that will not be cloned, a warning message will appear in the Basic Settings section when creating the new project.

The following aspects of a Project Template will not clone, and will need to be set up manually:

  • Basic Project Settings
  • An active macro schedule (User/Feedback)

  • If a survey has the “Require Completed Activity” option enabled.

  • Any active phases (excludes Phaseless/New User/Regression)

  • Any active features

  • Feedback form elements conditional on a feature element

  • Macros that affect a feature element

  • Distributed values

  • Opportunity sources besides Referral, Quick Invite, and Community Team


  • Manager created areas will exist, but User generated data will not. This means that all user submitted content like Feedback Data/Submitted surveys will NOT carry over.
  • When creating a new Project, the Projects that you have marked as Templates will be usable as a basis for your new Project. Instructions on how to set a Project as a Project Template are located here: 
    Setting a Project as a Project Template