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Simple Guide to External Users

This article applies to All editions. 

The External Users integration leverages a new Recruiting Source type to automatically add or invite new Centercode members via external systems. When this API integration is triggered in your third-party application, the candidates’ email addresses are sent to Centercode. Depending on your settings, the user will be invited immediately or held within the integration’s Source Pool for manual invitation. 

Note that while Centercode’s integration features are intended to be approachable by a Customer Validation Professional, you might need to enlist help from an internal technical resource and refer to our vocabulary and troubleshooting documentation.

Common use case for External Users

  • Invite users to join your test directly from an app
  • Programmatically trigger testing invites based on activity or milestones captured by external tools

Prerequisite criteria 

  • Enhanced Integrations enabled  
  • Community-level API Key (click here)
  • Community or Project Manager access

Creating your External Users Source within Centercode

The External Users Integration is located within Recruiting Management at both the Community and Project levels. 

From your Community or Project Recruiting Management:

  1. Hover over your desired Opportunity and the + icon
  2. Select the API Import source type
  3. Create an (internally-facing) Source Name
  4. Add a custom Key to help identify this API Import Source
  5. Select the appropriate Community API Key
  6. Copy / Save the provided API Endpoint URL

You’ve just configured your External User Source!


  • The Invite Immediately checkbox will automatically (and immediately) send invitations to targeted candidates. Unchecking this option will add candidates to the Opportunity Pool, allowing you to send invites when you’re ready. 
  • Track and nurture your users through the API Integration Source Pool
  • The Customize option associated with the automatic invitation allows you to update the standard email for users who are invited using dynamic strings for your Project (:projectname:), Community (:communityname:), and Company (:companyname:)

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