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Why do I keep getting kicked back to login?

The "Security error occurred while attempting to save your changes" error, explained.

This article applies to All editions.

When working within Centercode, there are a handful of reasons why you might be logged out unintentionally including idling for too long or logging into the same account in multiple locations. In these situations, you may not know that your session has been ended until trying to submit a form or upload a file, resulting in the following error message:


The obvious next step is to log back into the portal, but you may be leaving yourself open for another surprise in a few minutes if you're working in multiple tabs. Your Session ID carries your access credentials for your browser. This ID tells our system who you are and what you're allowed to view. When your session gets terminated, your ID is made invalid and you lose your access. That's when the system kicks you out with the above messaging.

In a multi-tab scenario, it's important to understand that the login page recycles every few minutes for security purposes. This causes your active session to be terminated each time it's refreshed. That means that if you're working in Tab1 but Tab2 is idling on the Log-In page, you'll get logged out of the system whenever Tab2 refreshes. In most cases, users will have an open tab on the Log-In page. When this happens, it's best to start over from a single Tab:

  1. Close all extra browser tabs.
  2. Navigate back to the portal and log in. Only one page should be accessed for your implementation.
  3. Resume regular activity, including opening new tabs from the newly established session.


  • If you time out and lose your session on multiple tabs, log back into one tab, then hit your browser's [Back] button for any other tabs you want to revisit. This causes the system to check for an active session and, since you've just gotten a new Session ID, these other tabs adopt your ID from Tab1.