Extending inactivity timeout window

What to expect from inactivity timeouts

This article applies to All editions.

How can I request the inactivity timeout window extended?

You may request the window extended up to 2 hours without affecting platform functionality, such as user automation, Notices, Session IDs, etc. This is the maximum time we can recommend.

Please reach out to help@centercode.com with your contact information and Centercode implementation information and we’ll be in touch!

Can certain users have their timeout window extended while the rest remain unchanged?

Timeout windows are global. This means changes affect your entire Community and can’t be targeted towards specific users.

How it works

Centercode implementations begin with a 30 minute timeout window. As mentioned above, it can be extended upon request. Once the timeout is reached, the user will receive a Session Warning popup to allow the user to re-engage. 

If there is no engagement by the user on this popup, then they will be automatically logged out after another 30 minutes.