Using the Centercode Opt-Out Dashboard

This article applies to All editions.

Using the Centercode Opt-Out Dashboard Learn from users who’ve left your Community

The opt-out system now removes all flagged Personal Data Fields (set by your program’s admin team), in addition to identity (account) information. This system provides an enhanced, low-friction end-user experience, allowing users to opt-out via an email verification, as opposed to requiring login credentials. This can be done through (e.g. Opting-out can also be accomplished while logged in through the Account Settings area.

What will the opt-out user experience be like?

Users now also have the opportunity to indicate why they’re opting out via both customizable selection and anonymous open text field

Upon a user opting-out, they’ll receive an email receipt that their personal information was removed, as well as a list of any agreements that they’ve signed and may still adhere to. Users may access and download any of their signed agreements in the provided link within the generated email, which will be

Where can I find this data?

This information is available in a new Opt-Out Dashboard, located within Community Administration>All Community Tools (Community Manager access only). Opt-out data is intended to allow administrators to obtain anonymous feedback to be used to enhance the Community experience, which can be exported as spreadsheet




Can I control who can opt-out?

You have full control over which specific teams may opt-out via Role Management both at the Community level and Project level.
For example, a typical scenario is to allow Applicants to opt-out, but full testers are not allowed until the test has ended.

  1. Click on your Community Logo > Community Management > Roles
  2. Use the Team Type drop down menu to choose a team of your choice
  3. Check on the Access Opt-Out box

What happens to collected data of users who opt-out?

User opt-out data to fields flagged as Personal Data Fields are completely removed from the database after 7 days of opting out. If you have more stringent requirements, please reach out to Centercode Support to make changes (

Are removed accounts included in the Opt-Out Dashboard? 

User accounts removed manually by an admin and through configured automation are flagged and recorded in the Opt-Out Dashboard. 

Check the box to count these user account removals as Opt-Outs