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Subscription Controls for Legacy Forums

This article applies to: Legacy editions

Note: Not all customers have access to Centercode’s Legacy Forums as they have been phased out and are no longer supported. For those who do, we strongly recommend the use of feature-rich Feedback Forums as a full replacement of Legacy User Forums.

Centercode’s Legacy Forums host two core settings for controlling Subscriptions: 

  • Subscribed - forces the selected teams to subscribe to that forum and forces the user to receive emails even if they try to unsubscribe
  • Can Subscribe - allows the selected teams to subscribe to and unsubscribe from that forum

Setting Subscription Controls

To access these controls, navigate to:

  1. Project Tools
  2. Forums
  3. Click the individual Forum you want to modify
  4. Expand the Advanced Team Access section
  5. Check ON the desired control(s)

Subscription Control Interaction

These controls directly affect the experience of your testers and/or internal team within the Project’s Forums. Therefore, understanding the result of setting Forum Subscription Control options is important to maintain a positive user experience.

  • Submitting settings with Subscribed enabled automatically subscribes all users on the team(s) selected (regardless of any previous settings or preferences).
  • Submitting settings with Can Subscribe enabled will allow users on the team(s) selected to toggle subscription On and Off at-will.


  • Please use the Subscribed setting extremely carefully as it forces users to receive emails even if they unsubscribe and un-follow. Confusion may arise because, to the end user, it looks as if they should no longer receive emails. In other words, this setting overrides any other subscribe or follow options. Additionally, despite the common assumption to the contrary, forcing subscription will often have a directly negative effect on participation in busy forums as users tend to actively ignore persistent mailings.
  • Keep in mind that resubmitting settings with the Subscribed option enabled overwrites users' preferences. Due to this, we recommend you only enable the Can Subscribe option for testers.

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