Renewing your Centercode custom domain certificate

This article applies to All editions.

Centercode offers to handle your DNS (Domain Name System) certificate renewal on your behalf by utilizing AWS Certificate Manager. This allows your SSL certificate to automatically be generated by Centercode. Your only required action is to validate your custom domain by creating a DNS CNAME record with the information provided to you by Centercode. You will no longer be required to renew your certificate unless you'd like your custom domain to change. If interested, please email and reference this article.


Alternatively, if you wish to use your own SSL certificate, please refer to this article. Generally, SSL certificates must be renewed once per year. Centercode will notify you two weeks before your certificate's expiration date and will send a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Your company's IT is required to to generate an SSL certificate to return back to Centercode to be applied.

For specific security details, please review Centercode's security information page.