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Request Custom Domain Name

If you would like to request a change of domain name for your implementation of Centercode, please provide the following information to help@centercode.com;

  1. To use a full domain (e.g. veridianbeta.com), first register the domain name with the registrar of choice
  2. Provide the original Centercode URL as the CNAME in your DNS (example.centercode.com)

Once these steps are completed, we'll need the following  to proceed:

  • Custom URL
  • Contact Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Department
  • City
  • State
  • Country

Next, we will generate an SSL Certificate Signing Request (CSR), and send it back to you within 1 business day.

Once completed, send your new certificate file to us. We'll have your new DNS configured within 1 business day of receiving this email provided steps 1 and 2 above are completed.

Please refer to Centercode's security page for specifics, here.