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How do I remove users from specific Team(s) in bulk?

Keep your users on their important Team(s) but remove them from ones you specify.

This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.

During Delta testing and tester management, you may find it necessary to reorganize the Teams your users are currently on, as your needs and testing program change over time. A sample example of this would that if you need users on your Testers Team to no longer be on the Applicants and No Access Teams,  but remain on their other useful Teams. 

In order to accomplish this, the Centercode platform offers the ability to quickly create and run Macro automation to remove users from select Teams in the User Management tool.

It's required that you're familiar with these Centercode functions that are used widely across your Centercode implementation before continuing: Team Access Control, Macros, and Filters before continuing.

In this article, you will:

  1. Access User Management
  2. Create your Macro
  3. Create a Filter to target your users
  4. Select and execute your Macro

1. Access User Management

You must access User Management at the scope in which you need your users organized - either at the Community level or within a Project.

To access your Community's User Management tool:

  1. Click your logo dropdown, located at the top left corner of your page
  2. Hover over Community management
  3. Click Users

To access your Project's User Management tool:

  1. Access your Project
  2. Click Management 
  3. Hover over Users
  4. Click Project users

2. Create your Macro

Once you've accessed User Management at the correct scope, you must now create and configure the Macro that will perform your desired action(s)

To create a Macro:

  1. Click the + sign under Action
  2. Give your Macro an internally facing name
  3. Under Macro Options, select Adjust User Teams
  4. Select Remove From Teams
  5. Select the Team(s) you would like your users to be removed from
    1. Optional: you may also select Add To Teams and select Teams in which you want users to be added
  6. Under Additional Options, select Show in User Management Actions to designate which Teams have access to use your Team removal Macro (typically Project Managers)
  7. Click Submit

3. Create your Filter

We're almost finished! Now you'll want to return to User Management (you can refer section 1) and target the users you want to execute your Macro on.

To create a Filter:

  1. Click the + button under Filter
    1. Alternatively, you can select a saved Filter or modify an existing saved Filter
  2. At the Create Filter page, click the + button
  3. Select your dataset 
    1. In this scenario, select User Account
    2. Select Community Team(s) or Project Team(s)
    3. Select the Team you wish to target
  4. Click Create Filter 
    1. Optional: select Save Filter to use or refer to this Filter later

4. Select and Execute the Macro

Now that you've created your Macro and your Filter, it's time to run them together in User Management.

To execute a Macro:

  1. Select the Filter that you've created Create the Macro and select which Team(s) you want to remove from your users
  2. Select the Macro you've created
  3. Click Perform action
  4. Review and approve the following prompt

You've now removed selected Teams from your targeted users.