Project Onboarding for Delta and Professional editions

This powerful but easy-to-use tool strips down the traditional recruitment process so you can get new users into your community and projects quickly and efficiently.

This article applies to Delta and Pro editions.

How do I access Project Onboarding?

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  1. From within a Project click Management in the upper navigation bar
  2. In the dropdown menu hover over Project configuration
  3. In the fly-out menu click Participant onboarding

Creating your Project Onboarding process

The Project Onboarding tool is how you will dictate the experience users have as they join your project, and what information will be presented to them and collected from them during the process. Starting from the top:

  • Landing Page:

    The landing page is what candidates will see after they follow an invitation to join the project. It should explain your project in general terms and entice users to apply. But choose which details you provide selectively since these candidates haven't signed any agreements yet.
    • Public URL:

      If you choose to utilize a Landing Page you will also be given the option to create a Public URL to share your landing page with non-members. The URL will take them to the landing page, where they'll have the option to join the project by creating an account. 

      Additionally, if you choose to create a Public URL you are given the option to make your project opportunity viewable from your Community Homepage, and available for any of your community members to join.
  • Participant Agreement:

    Participant agreements are used to make sure candidates understand and agree to keep the information and product that they're about to test a secret. The most common form of this is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
    The "Require existing users to sign/re-sign this agreement" option at the bottom is used when you implement an NDA on a Project that is already in progress. It will move all existing users back to Applicant status until they sign (or re-sign/confirm the agreement if they have already signed it.)
  • Account Information Verification:

    Account Information Verification allows you to verify a candidate's information before they move forward with the project. The fields available to verify are determined by the information being collected in the Community level User Account Settings (more info available here.) To enable Account Information Verification, select one or more fields that a candidate is required to confirm before they can join the project. The "Require existing users to re-verify their information" option at the bottom is used when you implement this option on a Project that is already in progress. It will move all existing users back to Applicant status until they re-verify their contact information.
  • Product Receipt Verification:

    Product receipt verification allows you to restrict access to the full testing site until your participants have indicated that they've received the product.

    When enabled, the participant's homepage will show the Verification Heading, along with a Yes/No option to indicate whether or not they've received the product. If the participant selects No, they will see the message below. If they select Yes, they will then have full access to submit feedback and view weekly activities.