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How to archive unused resources

Using the archive available for Content, Surveys, Resources, Tasks, and Feedback Types

This article applies to All editions. 

As your Projects evolve and accumulate resources over time (Surveys, Content, Releases, Feedback Types, and Reports), their associated management pages may quickly become filled with irrelevant content, unrelated to your Project’s objectives.

Why should I consider archiving unneeded resources?

By default, your UI will display your active resources. Beyond the visual clutter, each resource represents back-end data calls and calculations when the pages load. Depending on your Centercode subscription, you may even encounter a license-based limit.

Centercode’s Archive feature prevents this by storing your selected resources in the tool’s Archive, which also serves to provide a safety net for the permanent removal of resources.

How do I archive resources?

Simply access the location of that resource (e.g.: Survey Management, Content Management, etc.). Once there, hover over your resource, click the Archive toggle shown below, and confirm.

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I accidentally archived my content/survey/release. How do I reactivate / restore resources?

You can switch between your active resources and Archive by clicking the View Archive button located on the top-right corner of your page. Once in your Archive, you can restore / reactivate your resources at any time by hovering over the resource and clicking Restore, similarly to how the resource was archived.

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Archiving resources intelligently limits back-end calculations and UI displays to only active items by default. As a result, managing your resources will always be fast and organized. When you no longer need a resource, just set it to Archived; you can restore it at any time. If you need to delete resources, you can do so by viewing it in the Archived list.


  • When converting a Beta project into a Delta (also enabling Ted), you must meet certain configuration requirements. In many cases, Archiving resources will help you meet those requirements.
  • Resources can only be deleted completely if they’re first set to Archived.
  • When Archiving resource groups like Content or Survey Groups, all resources within the group are also archived. Restoring an entire group will restore the whole set of items that were archived as a result. Resources you'd archived prior to archiving the Group will stay archived.
  • Archived items are hidden from the Data Engine (Filters and Views) and Reporting - consider those resources unavailable in reporting or inactive until you restore them.