How do I use element level access?

Designate team access to your form


This article applies to Pro, Team, and Legacy editions. 

What is element level access?

Regarding form elements, there are certain circumstances when you'll want to be selective in displaying questions to your various teams. This is primarily used in Feedback or Surveys and is available in User profiles and Test platforms. 

For example, all your testers should fill out a survey, but only some of those users should answer particularly technical questions -- this is possible using element level access.

How it works

The concept behind Element level access is that you choose which teams have View and Modify access for each form element. In the previous example, all of your testers have access to basic Survey questions, but the technical questions are provided only to the tech-savvy, separated via Team. The interface for element level access is the Team access block:

Enable element level access

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From your form management page:

  1. Click the title of the resource itself to modify the chosen form ( i.e. "Beta tester survey" for a Survey, Basic feedback properties for a feedback type)
  2. View the Advanced options section for the Resource
  3. Check ON the option to "Set team access by individual element"
  4. Submit the page to enable the resource's settings

You have successfully enabled element level access.

Utilize Element Level Access

From the form management page:

  1. Create New or Modify an existing Form Element
  2. View the Team access block for the chosen Element
  3. Enable the appropriate Modify and View Roles according to your needs
  4. Submit the page to confirm the Element's settings


If you have reports of users not seeing elements when submitting feedback, your element level access may have been set incorrectly. 

To resolve this, modify each form element on the feedback form and set Team access, as mentioned above.


  • If you create new teams, you'll want to ensure that they have been given the appropriate access to these form elements. This is easiest done by copying another team's access when you first create the new team, but can also be done in each form or element individually.
  • Element level access is already enabled for the feedback forms in the quick start template (which comes with any new Centercode implementation). This is done so that "Internal discussion" elements are viewed only by Internal and Management teams.

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