Empowering your project by using Features

Leverage Features to drive collaboration, engagement, dashboards, feedback, automation, and more...

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What are Features and why should I use them?

A critical part of validating your product is ensuring the product's key components are properly tested. Features are specific aspects of your product that you wish for participants to interact with and validate. They enable focused testing based on what’s important to your product's success. Identifying Features within Centercode provides you with concrete signals which tie together your activities, product satisfaction, feedback, and dashboards. Further, identifying Features tells Ted which parts of your product haven't been thoroughly tested, prompting him to reach out to testers to fill those gaps.

How do I use Features?

To enable Features, you'll need to create an Engagement Phase in your project. Within an Engagement Phase, you can list your Features and key details about them (e.g.: description, importance to your product, and how a tester should interact with them). 

Once your Features have been defined and included in your Test Plan and Feedback Types, the system handles the rest - testers will focus testing, provide targeted satisfaction ratings, and submit feedback aligned with the identified features. This common thread also enables automated reports and dashboards to provide valuable insights with minimal administrative effort!

Designating Features in your Delta project:

  1. Within the Project Planning tool, ensure your Delta has at least one Engagement Phase. Putting Features in Phases affects when your testers will interact with the Features you listed.
  2. List your Features with their appropriate details. These details primarily affect how your testers and Ted will interact with the features you listed.
  3. Ensure your Feedback Types have a Features element. This element clearly captures which Feature the feedback is about.


  • Once your Features have been identified, you'll also need to ensure your Feedback Types are aligned by creating a Feature Element within each type.  Learn more here.