Categorizing Your Feedback using the Feature Element

Use the first-class element to align feedback with important parts and functions of your product

This Article Applies To:
Impact Edition Pro Edition Teams Edition Legacy Edition


Features are Centercode's tool for identifying which aspects of your product you need or want tested. By identifying your Features, you can easily drive tester activity toward those features and categorize the feedback they submit. In order to capture which Feature the tester is giving feedback for, simply add a Feature Element to your Feedback Types.

To learn more about Features, click here.

To add a Feature Element to your Feedback Types:

  1. Click Management at the top menu
  2. Hover over Project Configuration and click Feedback
  3. Click into your Feedback Type Form
  4. Click Create a Form Element
  5. Set the Element Type to Feature
    1. Feature will be defaulted if one doesn't already exist on the form
  6. Complete all desired options
  7. Click Submit
  8. Repeat this process for each Feedback Type


  • Your project might not have any Features identified. Without Features, the Feature Element won't be available to insert onto your Feedback Form. To solve this, simply add at least one Feature to an Engagement Phase within Project Planning.
    Details on setting this up can be found here.