Digital Agreement Center

Easily access and download a complete list of user agreements

This article applies to All editions.

The Digital Agreement Center allows users and administrators to access and download a complete list of Active Agreements* signed across the community and all projects.

The Agreements Center can be accessed by individual end-users by clicking the link in their Personal Account drop-down menu, shown here. The resultant list of agreements, shown below, includes the agreement name, the enclosed project (when applicable), and when the agreement was signed. Users can click the agreement to view it in-site, and can hover-over or click the Download options to download PDFs of the agreement(s) exactly as they were signed.

As an administrator, you can access the Agreement Center’s user-lookup function via the following steps: 

  1. Click your Community logo in the upper left navigation menu.
  2. Click Community Management > Agreement center
  3. Type in a user's email address, name, or username to locate their signed agreements
  4. If desired, click Download all agreements to export PDFs of all agreements

Furthermore, any user can view their agreements without being logged into the portal. By simply going to your portal's URL + /agreements (e.g., users will be able to enter their email address and if valid, they’ll be sent an email that will take them to a page containing every agreement they’ve signed.

  1. Navigate to (e.g.
  2. Type in an email address and click Verify address
  3. Click on the Access my agreements button in the email you receive
  4. View agreements and click Download all agreements if desired

Important notes:

  • *Active Agreements are those which are not deleted. As your Agreements should clearly state their effective term, Centercode surfaces any agreements signed by a user across the entire Community.
  • Users who have opted out or been removed from your portal can still view agreements they’ve signed by visiting portal URL + /agreements (e.g.