Setting up feedback collaboration

Enable feedback collaboration for better prioritization and tester engagement

This article applies to Pro, Team, and Legacy editions.

A true Delta test harnesses the power of tester collaboration. What's more, Ted actively encourages testers to interact with one another. To maximize your Delta’s efficiency, feedback collaboration should be enabled on your Issue, Idea, and Praise feedback types.

What is feedback collaboration? Why enable it?

Collaboration is the interaction between your participants through various Centercode features like comments, voting, and predictive match. Properly using these features brings value far greater than the individual settings by themselves. Collectively between you and your participants, collaboration will:

  • Increase participant engagement
  • Boost feedback submission rates
  • Increase survey completion
  • Facilitate automatic feedback prioritization (via Feedback Impact Scoring)
  • Enrich your report data
  • Build comradery and a sense of community in your program

How to enable collaboration

Noted above, collaboration happens in multiple ways. In order to enable collaboration for a specific feedback type, you’ll need to (1) make feedback public and (2) give participant teams access to submit, vote, comment, and predictive match. Follow the steps below to enable each setting:

Enabling "public" feedback

Located in your feedback type’s feedback collaboration settings is the checkbox “Set all feedback public by default.” Feedback that’s public enables testers to see previously submitted feedback and grants access to use the predictive match feature, allowing them to contribute to discussions, enrich existing tickets with more use-case data, and consolidate individual feedback submissions (reducing your time commitment).

From your Project homepage:

  1. Click Management at the top menu
  2. Hover over Project configuration and click Feedback
  3. Hover over your feedback type, click the modify pencil
  4. Click Feedback collaboration settings
  5. Scroll down and toggle on “Make feedback public by default”
  6. Click Submit

For additional information about individual collaboration settings, see below.

Enabling access via Feedback roles

Feedback roles are a static set of named access roles, available per feedback type, that allow Project managers to provide granular control over accessing feedback within their projects. Following the steps below will grant your Participants access to predictive match, voting, feedback submission, and replies. 

From your Project homepage:

  1. Click Management at the top menu
  2. Hover over Project configuration and click Feedback
  3. Hover over your feedback type, click the modify pencil
  4. Click Feedback roles
  5. Dropdown User role and select Participants 
  6. Ensure that the correct Participant teams have the following Roles enabled:
    1. Access predictive match
    2. Vote for feedback
    3. Submit feedback
    4. View replies
    5. Post replies
    6. Access public feedback
    7. Access submitted feedback (optional)

Please refer to the Project Feedback Role Reference article for descriptions of each role. 

Once all the settings above have been set properly, your feedback type will be fully collaborative. Participants will interact with one another and vote on common issues, all while driving Feedback Impact Scoring, Tester Impact Scoring, and fueling your automated Dashboards.

Additional Feedback Collaboration Settings

By using the provided Centercode Delta Project Template, appropriate Feedback Collaboration Settings are already pre-configured for you in Issues, Ideas, Praise, and Discussions. However, depending on the needs of your test, you may want to review the following settings that are related to collaboration:

Adjust ownership settings

  • "Require team members to check out feedback in order to modify" - This setting makes it so users will not be able to alter feedback unless the ticket is checked out specifically to them. (Not recommended)

Adjust exposure

  • "Set all feedback public by default" - submitted feedback is public by default, allowing participants to add their experiences to previously submitted feedback; Administrators have the option to manually toggle feedback to be public or not public.

Customize replies

"Customize replies" refers to the replies section of feedback tickets. The View replies and Post replies Feedback roles dictate which teams have access to viewing and leaving replies.

Customize voting

Modify guidance messaging

    Should my feedback type be private?

    Whether or not feedback should be public depends on the needs of your test. While we strongly encourage the use of collaboration, Centercode offers the Personal Data Fields toggle to identify any fields that are intended to collect personal data and should therefore be treated specially under privacy regulations. Fields marked as Personal Data are only viewable to project administrators and the original feedback submitter. The same holds true for file attachments marked as containing personal data. This helps in your feedback remain public without sharing personal data with other testers. 

    For more information about feedback, review the Feedback FAQ