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Automatically Categorize Feedback using Features

In order to automatically categorize and prioritize your feedback, each piece of feedback must be associated with a corresponding Feature. This is done by first adding an Engagement Phase to the Tester Engagement Director (Ted) and adding a Feature element to each Feedback Type. By using Phases and enabling Ted, Ted will schedule your entire test for you, freeing your bandwidth further to help you meet your ongoing needs.

What are Features?

Features are specific aspects of your product that you wish for participants to interact with and validate. They facilitate focused testing Phases based on what’s important to your product. 

Why should I use Features?

Within Centercode, Features are a form element type specifically available to Feedback Types (Issues, Ideas, Praise, Discussions). Including Features on your Feedback Types allows your participants to easily inform you which area of your product their feedback is related to. This categorization of data allows for robust reporting. In order to gain access to Features, you must create an Engagement Phase

There are 3 types of phases:

  • Onboarding
  • Engagement
  • Closure

To create a Phases:

  1. Click Management
  2. Click Planning
  3. Click Create a Phase or click Import Test Plan
  4. If you’re creating a Phase manually:
    1. Complete all desired fields
    2. Phase Type refers to your phase’s coverage
    3. Important: Features are only part of the Engagement Phase Type
  5. If you’re importing a Test Plan
    1. Download and complete the provided Template
    2. Attach the completed Test Plan
    3. Complete all desired fields & save the spreadsheet
    4. Upload your Test Plan
  6. Set Team Access
  7. Click Submit
  8. Repeat steps 1-4 or 1-7 until your Phases are complete
To set your Feature element:
  1. Click Management at the top menu
  2. Hover over Project Configuration and click Feedback
  3. Click into your Feedback Type
  4. Click Create a Form Element
  5. Set the Element Type to Feature
    1. Feature will be defaulted if one has not been added to your Form
  6. Complete all desired fields
  7. Click Submit