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Where did my tester's Survey draft go?

Tester reports their answers are missing from their Survey draft

This common scenario arises when testers report that their Survey draft is missing their responses.

This occurs when:

  1. User is filling out their Survey and gets their Survey draft saved (manually or automatically)
  2. User then leaves the Survey
  3. User returns to the Survey
  4. User begins filling out the Survey again, without loading their draft
  5. User manually saves another draft 
  6. Load Previous Draft button only uses the most recent draft (notes below)


Drafts are stored and recovered in the My To-Do tab on the user's Project Homepage. Previous drafts can be accessed there.

If the user does not have access to the My To-Do tab, then the user does not have access to store drafts. You may want to grant access to My To-Do in the Project Homepage tool.