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What to Do When Users Can’t Submit Feedback

How to give access to submit and/or triage feedback to appropriate teams via Roles and Workflow

When it comes to Feedback, there are potentially 4 platform areas to check for appropriate configuration and it's often a combination of the following:

  1. Teams
  2. Feedback Roles
  3. Workflow
  4. Element Level Access

Teams and Feedback Roles grant the access to Submit Feedback, while Workflow controls the feedback’s lifecycle and how it’s addressed. Element Level Access is an optional setting that controls how certain teams may view and modify your Feedback or Survey form. 


Check and ensure that the user who is having feedback submission issues is on the correct teams. A common issue is that the user is not on the your main tester team.

For example, the user is on the iOS team, but not on the Beta Testers team. Once added to the main tester team, they will have the appropriate access to submit feedback.

Feedback Roles

Feedback Roles are a static set of named Access Roles, available per Feedback Type, allowing Project Managers granular control over accessing Feedback within their Projects. These Roles only pertain to Feedback, usually including Issues, Ideas, and Support. Please refer to this article for other Feedback Role definitions.

To access Feedback Roles from the Project Homepage:

  1. Click Project Tools from the left-hand menu
  2. Click Feedback in the main body area
  3. Hover over the Feedback Type you wish to modify
  4. Click the Modify pencil
  5. Click the Feedback Roles button in the main body area
  6. Choose the appropriate Team Type from the drop-down menu
  7. Adjust the Feedback Roles for each team using the Project Team Key to the right of the table
  8. Click the Submit button to confirm any changes

Note that you must have "Submit Feedback" selected on before they will be represented in Workflow and be allowed to create or modify any feedback. 


Workflow determines how teams can modify or submit feedback. Statuses are used to identify the lifecycle state your feedback is in. Ownership Destination refers to the team responsible for that feedback based on its Status and the team that moved it to that stage in its lifecycle. 

  1. Click Project Tools
  2. Click Feedback Types 
  3. Hover over the Feedback Type you wish to modify
  4. Click the Modify pencil
  5. Click Workflow 
  6. Under the corresponding Team, check ON Statuses appropriate for the desired access and Workflow.
    For example, you want your Tester team to have access to submit New feedback. You want Support to be able to access In Progress, Need More Information, Closed, and Logged Internally, etc. 
  7. Choose an appropriate Owner Destination from the drop-down menu. A common use-case is for your Tester team to assign ownership to the Beta Support team. 
  8. Click the Submit button to confirm.

A typical configuration can be found here. This shows your primary Participants team able to only submit New feedback with Beta Support (Internal Members) being responsible for that New feedback. Beta Support can then change the status of feedback they own to all available to them (In Progress, Closed, etc.). 

Element Level Access

Available in Feedback Types’ or Surveys’ advanced options, Element Level Access allows you to chose which Teams have View and Modify access for each Form Element. For example, all of your testers have access to basic Bug form questions, but the technical questions are provided only to the tech-savvy, separated via Team. 

If improperly configured, users may see form elements they shouldn’t be seeing or not even see any elements at all. 

With Element Level Access on, a Team without access will see only a submit button and no form:

To check your Element Level Access in Feedback:

  1. Click Project Tools
  2. Click Feedback Types 
  3. Hover over the Feedback Type you wish to check
  4. Click the Modify pencil
  5. Click Basic Feedback Settings
  6. Scroll down to see if Element Level Access is checked

If Element Level Access is already on, you’ll want to audit your form to ensure appropriate access.

  1. Click Project Tools
  2. Click Feedback Types 
  3. Click into the Feedback Type 
  4. Click the top right Overview icon (screenshot)
  5. Hover over the Modify and View access icons to ensure your Teams have appropriate access (screenshot)
  6. Click the icon to enable entire Team Type on or off (notes below) or click into each element to view and adjust Team Access

Green = entire team type has access

Yellow = some teams of this type have access

Grey = no teams of this type have access

Missing Submit Button

If a Team does not have access to any Statuses, the "Submit" button in the left-hand menu won’t display for them (shown below).

  1. Your Team(s) must have access to submit at least the "New" Status in your Feedback Type's Workflow (steps 1-7 below)
  2. and at least 1 "Access" role in the Feedback Type's Role tool (steps 8-9 below)

From the Project Homepage:

  1. Click Project Tools
  2. Click Feedback
  3. Hover over your Feedback Type
  4. Click Modify pencil
  5. Click Workflow
  6. Identify any Teams missing New status and grant access
  7. Click Submit
  8. Click Feedback Roles
  9. Ensure an "Access" role is enabled for your teams - toggle on if missing, then submit the page


  • Since each Feedback Type has its own set of Roles, adjusting the Roles for one Feedback Type is independent of other Feedback Types. For example, you can individually adjust settings if you want to allow a Team to have full access to Issues and Ideas, but not Support.
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