Why can't users see or access Projects? Solutions to common Project access issues

Initial steps to take to ensure your users are on the right Team with the right Roles for access

When users are lacking the Access Project role designated to their Team, they may either receive an error message when attempting to access the project or not see the project on their Community homepage, shown under My Projects. You’ll need to first identify the affected user’s Team, then check your Project Roles to ensure that your Teams have appropriate access.  

Verifying User’s Project Team (screenshot):

  1. Type user’s email or name in the Knowledge Base search bar (wait to populate)
  2. Click on the user to access User Summary
  3. Click Teams tab
  4. Identify the team(s) user is associated with

Verifying (and Updating) a Team’s Access Project Role

  1. Click Project Tools
  2. Click Roles
  3. Drop down the Team Type for the type of user affected
  4. Using the legend, identify the team(s) and their Access Project checkbox
  5. Check on & click Submit

What if a single user can't see a project, but has access?

If a single user on a Team with correct Team Access and Roles cannot see a project they're in, the user may have selected to not show that project in their Preferences setting. Please ask that the user checks their Preferences on the Community homepage. You may also Assume the user's account and perform this action on their behalf.


The Access Project Role is often missed when creating new Teams when the Copy Access From checkbox isn’t utilized. If this base level Role is not enabled, a Team will not be able to access the Project, nor will they see the Project name on the Community Homepage.

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