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What do the feedback comment buttons do?

By default, email notification for comments go to everyone who is following the feedback. That means everyone who either voted, commented, or owned the feedback (Test Manager or Test Lead, for example).

All of the buttons pressed in (light buttons instead of gray buttons) means email notification will go to everyone who interacted with the ticket. The buttons let you fine tune who gets email notified. You can pick and choose, though typically, these aren't customized. Most customers find that if a user is following, then they should be notified.

OS is original submitter. With that clicked, the individual who submitted the feedback gets email notified of the comment.
FO is feedback owner. The individual account who owns that ticket (clicked Check In) gets email notified of the comment.
AS is all submitters. This is everyone who matched their feedback to this ticket and if any admins found that other tickets were duplicates of this.
PO is previous owner. The last individual account who owned the ticket.
AC is all commenters. Anyone who has commented. 

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