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Users aren’t receiving my emails

Troubleshooting steps to ensure email delivery. This includes email verification.

If your users have indicated that they haven’t been receiving your emails, verification emails, or feedback comment emails, you’ll want to check several areas to determine the root cause:

  1. Improperly Configured SPF record
  2. Using Acceptable Email Domains
  3. Check Email Logs
  4. Identify Possible User Error
  5. Check the End-user's Spam Folder
  6. Work Email Addresses
  7. Review your email to identify words / phrases that set off spam filters
  8. Original feedback submitters will not receive follow notification emails for their own comments

SPF Record

Your first step is to check your SPF record and ensure that Centercode is listed as an approved server to send emails on your behalf. If you’re unfamiliar with what an SPF record is, please review this article for background information and next steps. If your domain’s SPF record does not include Centercode as an approved email sender, emails sent out utilizing your domain may land in a users’ spam folder (soft fail) or be rejected by your own domain’s validation (hard fail).

If you do have SPF set up, please continue below.

Acceptable Email Domains

Ensure that your emails that you're sending have an acceptable email domain. For example, if your domain is centercode.com, then emails must be @centercode.com. However, if you use @noreply.centercode.com, that is an improper domain and will result in email failures.

Email Logs

The next method to troubleshooting email delivery is to look in your Centercode platform’s Email Logs. The straightforward method can be used to spot check your User’s Summary and verify that emails have been sent. User Summaries provide you with a comprehensive summary of your users’ data and in-site activities, which can be drilled into for details. 

To check an individual user’s email logs:

  1. Search the user’s name or email in the knowledge base search bar
  2. Wait for the system to populate results, then click into the desired user
  3. If Community level, scroll down to the Email Log section. If Project level, click on the Email tab
  4. You’ll be presented with email categories to click into: User Action, User Macro, Feedback Follow Notifications, and Opportunity. Your typical manual email will be within User Action.
  1. Locate the email you’re looking for and click into it to view details
  2. You’re presented with Email Status, as well as the option to Resend and Forward the email

Community or Project’s email logs:

Email Logs allow you to set filters in order to search through emails previously sent or currently in queue.

From the Community Homepage or Project Homepage:

  1. Click the Community Tools (then Configuration) or Project Tools in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the Email tool in the main tools menu
  3. Click an existing Email Log Filter or click Create an Email Log Filter.
  4. If creating a new Email Log Filter, set your Filter* criteria and preferences as desired, then click Next. 

*(Recommended to narrow down Date Sent with After or Between)

Onboarding Emails

If your users are having issues with your onboarding / recruitment emails, you’ll simply want to look into your Opportunity Moderate Candidate Pool to view your high-level user onboarding status. You’ll be presented with email addresses, when they were added to the pool, last emailed, how many emails were sent, and if they’ve clicked the Onboarding link within.

From Community or Project Onboarding tool:

  1. Locate the Opportunity or Source that should have your emailed users
  2. Hover over and click the Moderate Candidates icon
  3. You’ll be able to send / resend invitations individually via hover-over action or in bulk via the Email buttons

Account Verification Emails

If your users aren’t receiving account verification emails, consider the following:

  1. Is the email address correct? 

An email verification is sent to any email provided, as long as it doesn’t already exist within the system.

   2. Does the user already have an account? 

Attempting to initiate email verification and account creation with an existing email address will not trigger a verification email. A user may simply log into their existing account from the invitation link they've received. 

   3. Are you expecting a large recruitment? 

Account verification emails in the high-thousands typically slows down the flow emails. We assure you that emails will go out in time. However, please note that if users prompt additional email verification, the activation link in previously queued verification emails will be invalidated.

Password Reset Emails

If users aren’t receiving password reset emails, considering the following:

  1. Did your user provide the correct email or username?
  2. Is your SPF set up correctly?

Not receiving reset emails may be a symptom of an un- or mis-configured SPF record.

Spam Folders

If you’ve verified your SPF record is configured and your Centercode portal shows emails were sent out, the last step is to kindly ask your user to check their spam folder. Please feel free to reach out to Centercode Support with details on the missing email (date sent, user email, email subject) to investigate further. 

Work Email Addresses

Company emails may have additional security and monitoring that may block certain emails.

Review your email

Look over your sent email and identify any words or phrases that may set off spam filters. This article here has a comprehensive list of words, phrases, and symbols that may trigger spam filters.

Follow notification emails

Original feedback submitters will not receive follow notification emails for their own comments within their own feedback tickets. They will receive follow notification emails when other users leave comments.

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