New Customer Training (Start Here!)

Learn Centercode's platform and best practices

Welcome to Centercode! We’re excited to have you on board and ready to onboard - mastering Customer Validation using our platform. Our current set of New Customer Training videos focuses on teaching you the end-to-end process of designing, configuring, and executing high-quality Customer Validation tests. This course is broken into the following five modules. At the end of each module, we recommend that you check in with the Centercode Support Team to answer any questions and make sure you're on the right path forward.

  1. Introduction to Customer Validation
    Start here to learn the fundamentals of Customer Validation and Centercode's proven approach!
  2. Program Planning and Configuration
    Community Supplemental Assets (ZIP)
    Build a community of potential testers, efficiently fueling your Beta Tests with targeted, qualified candidates.
  3. Beta Test Planning and Configuring
    Project Supplemental Assets (ZIP)
    Collect all the information needed to provide your team the very best results and configure the Centercode site for your first test.
  4. Beta Test Management
     Follow Centercode's proven best practices to efficiently execute your Beta Test Plan. Collect high-quality, actionable feedback from your ideal testers.
  5. Beta Test Closure and Analysis
    Take a deep dive into understanding your customers. Capitalize on all of your previous work, and gain in-depth insight formatted for simple consumption.

We recognize that not every Customer Validation program is exactly alike and you may need determine where it’s appropriate to branch out from our training. The Centercode Support team will be available to address any questions or challenges while you’re learning about Centercode’s software and our proven Best Practices. Please contact us via In-Site Chat or email.