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Why is There a 5GB Size File Limit For Uploading?

Understanding the 5GB File Upload Limit

This article applies to All editions.

File uploads within Centercode are a crucial feature that allows users to store and share their important information within your program. However, the most common maximum limitation (without additional software support) is 5GB, the same file limit that Centercode employs. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this limitation and how it can impact the user experience.

  1. Bandwidth: Direct uploads and downloads of large files consume a lot of bandwidth for your testers.  This can be particularly problematic for users with slow internet connections or users who are far from Centercode's data centers, as this can significantly increase the upload or download times for these. By limiting the size of files that can be uploaded, you can ensure that the tester experience remains fast and responsive.
  2. Storage: As more and more users store their data within Centercode, the storage space available to users may become limited. By placing a limit on the size of files that can be uploaded, users can ensure that they have enough storage space to accommodate all of their files.

  3. Security: Large files can overwhelm the server with too much data. By limiting the file size to 5GB, the provider can reduce the risk of overwhelming the server and ensure the security of the application.

  4. Processing: Large files can take a lot of time to process, which can cause delays in the site. This can be frustrating for testers who are trying to upload their files quickly for feedback. By limiting the file size, users can ensure that files are processed quickly and efficiently, providing a better user experience.

In conclusion, while limiting file uploads to 5GB may seem restrictive, it is a necessary measure to ensure stability, security, and performance within Centercode.