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Why is my project creation stuck at step 10/11? Why is my project taking so long to be created? Why did I receive a -1 error?

This article applies to All editions.

How Projects are created in Centercode

Projects within Centercode can only be created by using a previous Project as a Project Template. We highly recommend that your program has a dedicated (archived) Project intended to be your Project Template. These Project Templates should be custom tailored to your testing needs and updated as you discover your needs changing. 

How do I make a Project Template?

Centercode offers a pre-configured Project Template with Centercode's best practices built into it to help you get your projects up and running quickly. We hope that you're able to use our template as a strong starting point for your templating needs. Please refer to this article to designate a Project as a Project Template.

How long should Project cloning take?

Creating Projects generally takes several moments to several minutes depending on the source Project or Project Template, as well as your current implementation's infrastructure status. If you find that your project has taken over 10 minutes to complete, you can reach out to Support through the live chat widget - we can look into it for you.

Stuck at step 10 /11

Step 10 of the Project creation process generally takes the longest to complete. This step clones the files from your previous Project into your new one. 

If you've cloned a series of Projects that were clones of previous projects, this step may take longer than 10 minutes.

In other words, if you've cloned a project that was a clone of a previous project, that was a clone of a previous project, then with each new project, there are more and more files being cloned with each new iteration. Each new project will take longer to complete than the last unless you've used a dedicated Project Template.

Here's the most common scenario to consider:

  1. You've created a project named Widget Pro Alpha from the Centercode template. It ends with 10 uploaded software releases.
  2. You've set Widget Pro Alpha as my Global Template. 
  3. You've cloned Widget Pro Alpha to make a second new project titled Widget Pro Beta. This project will start with Widget Pro Alpha's 10 software releases. By the time Widget Pro Beta ends, 15 more releases have been uploaded (25 total).
  4. You've cloned Widget Pro Beta to create a third project named Widget Pro Delta. This Project starts with 25 software releases. By the time it ends, 20 software releases have been uploaded (45 total).

By several more iterations, you can see that later Projects will have many times more files than the original project. With more files, step 10 takes longer and longer to complete.

-1 Error Has Occurred

This is a generic error that basically means that the project creation has timed out at step 10/11. If this continues to occur, please reach out to the Support team through your in-site chat widget. Your files will need to be deleted by the Development team. This request has a typical 2 business day turnaround time. Once the request has been completed, please use that opportunity to create your new project, as well as another that is designated as your Project Template. 

What should I do?

We recommend creating a project template not based on projects repeatedly cloned like the above scenario.

With a fresh project template, cloning will again be completed very quickly.