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Why do I get "You do not have the necessary access to view this Test Platform"?

This Article Applies To:
Impact Edition Pro Edition Team Edition Legacy Edition

Test Platform data is captured at the Community level of your Centercode implementation. This message indicates that your Community level team does not have high enough access to view Test Platform data. What is typically found is that you're on a Members level Team (Testers, Candidates, etc) at the Community level.

How to resolve this issue

If you're meant to see Test Platform data, please contact your Community Manager of your Centercode implementation to grant you a higher team access. 

Who is my Community Manager?

If you're unaware who your Community Manager is, you can ask the Centercode Support team. 

How does my Community Manager change my Team?

Here's an article on how to control and update users' teams.

Below is the most straightforward way for your Community Manager to change your team: 

From the Community Homepage:

  1. Type some identifying information into the Knowledge Base Search Bar
    This could include all or part of their name, email address, or Username
  2. Wait for the QuickSearch to populate a short list of results
  3. Click the name of the user whose team you want to adjust
    This will take you to their User Summary
  4. Click the Modify Teams button
  5. Expand the Teams section if necessary
  6. Check on or off the user's teams as appropriate
    Note that you will need to expand the Team Types to avoid adding the user to 
    all teams of that type
  7. Click Update Teams to confirm