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Why am I getting 0 results in User Management when my Filter is correct?

This Article Applies To:
Impact Edition Pro Edition Team Edition Legacy Edition


If you find that your User Management Filter is correct but you receive 0 results, then adjust check your Team Type dropdown filter or adjust your filter.

This commonly occurs when your Filter mismatches the Team Type dropdown that's selected.  Please adjust your Team Type dropdown to match your filter, or set All Users.

For example, if your Filter is set for your Tester Team, but your Team Type dropdown is set to Applicants, you will receive 0 results because Participants cannot be Applicants. 

Understanding Team Types

Each Team Type has different available Roles based on their expected levels of administration. Review our Project Role Reference Guide for detailed descriptions of each Role.

All Users - Refers to no restrictions on team type. Any custom filter will work with this filter. 

Project Managers - Refers to those who delegate the project. They're generally responsible for creating resources, managing users, and project administration. This Team Type has the highest levels of access within the project.

Internal Members - Refers to those who moderate testers and feedback within the project. This is Team Type has mid-level access.

Participants - Refers to active testers of the project. This Team Type has low-levels of access, where they generally can view resources, complete surveys, and submit feedback.

Applicants - Refers to those who wish to participate in the project, but do not have access to do so. This Team type has the lowest levels of access and can only be presented with Notices, such as qualification surveys and agreements.