What is Recruiting and how do I use it?

Requirements to adding users to your implementation


This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.

Recruiting is a set of connected tools that handle all of the ways users join your Delta Community or Project. These tools have been implemented to standardize the way users are identified, invited, and join:

Recruitments are highly customizable landing pages which place users on selected Team(s). Recruitments control the landing page and subsequent access provided to your potential users, determining the first steps and initial experience of accessing your Community or Project. The Platform includes both Community Recruitments (for new users) and Project Recruitments (to add existing users to projects).

Invitation Types represent where your users come from. They are attached to Project Recruitments as a method to bring potential users to your Recruitment's landing page (e.g. a custom URL or an invite sent to a list of email addresses). Invitation Types include a diverse set of paths to be used at your discretion in the most advantageous and effective ways for your user acquisition efforts.

Recruitment Pools act as a holding place for users who have been invited, but not yet joined your Community (re: Community Project Recruitments) or a project (re: Project Project Recruitments). Lists generated by Invitation Types, Recruitment Pools allow you to curate/nurture your candidates through to their eventual conversion as active members into your Community or Project.

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