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What do the various Download Log entries mean?

Defining the Successful Download, Download Errors, Failed Security Checks, and User Abandoned messages from the Download Logs

This article applies to All editions. 

Successful Download

All bytes of the file were sent and appear to have been received by the end user.

Download Errors

All bytes of the file were not sent due to an issue with the HTTP download process. This can be any number of things, but is generally related to distance from the file source, internet connection speed/consistency, broken download (download managers can help with this), or size of the file. Many of these factors are outside of our control and are simply the nature of sending data over the internet. There are other solutions for file distribution (such as Akamai) that can also help with smoother distribution of files over the internet, especially when dealing with large files in bulk.

Failed Security Checks

The user was found to have insufficient access to the file. Depending on the defined File Security Level, this can have been determined in a couple of ways. If the file was High security, the link to the file is checked to ensure that it belongs to the user attempting to use it. For High, Medium, and Low security files, the system checks to ensure that the user is presently logged into the system, and has proper access to the file. No security files cannot encounter this condition.

User Abandoned

At some point during the transfer of the file, the user either canceled the download, closed their browser, restarted or shut down their computer, or in some other fashion interrupted the file transfer. As a result, the download was not completed.