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"Unable to reset password" error explained

Understanding the password reset function

This article applies to All editions.

How to reset an account's password

The Centercode platform offers two methods to reset account passwords. 

  1. Users may trigger password reset from your Centercode implementation's homepage:

This is what the resulting email will contain:

2.   Administrator (with the Manage users role enabled) may trigger password reset via the Community level's Knowledge Base search bar.

User is unable to reset password

This occurs due to the following:

  1. Password reset email has been already accessed
    • The password reset link can only be clicked once. Subsequent clicks will show the error: 

      "User is unable to reset password".

      The User's email address may be under a layer of network security that's previewing or accessing the password reset email, resulting in it being invalidated. 
  1. Password reset email has expired 24 hours after the request
  2. Multiple password reset emails have been triggered
    • Each password reset email triggered invalidates the previous one. If multiple password reset emails have been triggered, only access the newest one.


-User must have an account with the requested email address in order to receive the password reset email.

-For security purposes the system will always say an email is being sent, even if there is no account with that email address.