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Making your Feedback Comments PII-Safe

Leverage Strings to make your Feedback Comments safe for external systems like JIRA

This article applies to: Pro, Team, and Legacy editions

Strings, the tool typically used for localizing your Centercode Community and/or Project, can be used to ensure that your Feedback Comments are safe for external systems. To accomplish this, you'll update a particular text String and remove the PII fields from it. 

Identifying the String

Centercode offers two distinct Strings for your Feedback Comments - one used to display the comments in-site, and one used to export or integrate your Feedback Comments. Follow the steps below to identify and update the correct Comment String.

From the Community Homepage:

  1. Access Community Administration>All Community Tools in the navigation bar
  2. Click String Sets under Advanced Configuration
  3. Click the name of the appropriate Project String Set
    Note: Most communities only have one "Default English Project" String Set, but you may have multiple.
  4. Click Enable Find-Replace in the top-right corner
  5. Search the String Set for: fb_VFAllCommentTextExport to target externalized comments

The string itself should look like this: :name: (:date:) said:{lf}:comment:

Modifying the String

Now that you've identified the string, removing the PII is as simple as removing ":name:" from the Current (Target). From the search results in Step 5 above:

  1. Copy the following: (:date:) said:{lf}:comment:
  2. Click into the right-hand column where it says "Click to modify..."
  3. In the new text field, paste your new String, then click OK


  • This String is one of many that are cached in the Centercode database, meaning it will require a refresh from the Centercode side. This refresh occurs automatically at midnight (Pacific) every night. As such, you won't observe the changes you've made until the following day.