How to customize the full name string for a PII-safe identifier

Using custom strings to ensure your project UI is kept PII safe

This article applies to: Team and Legacy editions

Centercode offers two methods of identifying your project members in collaborative spaces: their full name or their display name. While display names are intended to be a public alias and not contain any sensitive information, they can find themselves containing personal information if the user included it or it was fed through a single sign-on identity provider. 

Customizing the full name string

If you need to ensure that there's no way for a tester's displayed identifier to contain PII, follow the steps linked here as a community administrator to modify your strings.

In your project string set, following the instructions in the linked article, search for and modify the gl_fullnameprim string. Depending on how you want your users to be identified, our best practices for changing that string are:

Ted Adams :firstname: :lastname:
Ted A. :firstname: :lastinitial:.
T. Adams :firstinitial:. :lastname:
T. A. :firstinitial:. :lastinitial:.

Take note that the name strings don't include any additional characters, so to add punctuation to either initial, we've included a period where appropriate.


  • Changing this string will change full names everywhere, even in user management, reports, and exports. You can include first name or last name data items in those areas if needed.
  • Updates to this string will take effect immediately, so opening a tab for strings and a tab for your project will allow you to refresh the project tab to see the results of your changes.
  • If you're not seeing the changes, make sure that your project(s) are using the string set that you've just modified.