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How do I view the users added and removed history for my Teams?

Viewing your team log

This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.

Centercode allows administrators to track when users are moved in and out of Community or Project Teams. This log will display movement actions of users added to a team, and show when a user has been removed from the Project or Community. The log includes who performed the action and the date and time it was performed. This functionality is useful in cases where accidental removal of users has taken place, or simply to keep track of a team's user history.


To view the log:

Starting on the Community or Project homepage:

  1. Access your Community Management (or simply Management within a project) dropdown menu
  2. Click Teams in the dropdown menu
  3. Click the clock icon corresponding to the team's history you wish to track

You have successfully accessed the Team Log.


  • Access to Team Management (for the corresponding Community or Project scope)


  • You can click the names in the Team Log to access User Summaries, allowing you to quickly re-adjust a user's teams if necessary (or review any other user information held within their Summary).