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How do I merge two user accounts into a single user account?

This article applies to All editions.

If you find that you have two user accounts for a single user you can choose to merge one into the other. The resulting action will remove User 1 from the system and all data in the Community or Projects will then belong to User 2.

From the Community Homepage:

  1. Search the user in the Knowledge Base search bar at the top right corner of your page.
  2. Click on the User.
  3. Click the Merge user account option under the User account actions within the User summary.
  4. Insert usernames for the Removed user and Remaining merged user fields to be merged.
  5. Click Preview change to verify the data on the following page then click Submit when satisfied.

You have successfully merged two user accounts into a single user account.


  • Manage users Role


  • This action is Irreversible and cannot be undone. Please be sure the merge is correct before finalizing.
  • For a more detailed description of what happens to User data when a merge is performed, see this article.
  • This will be the typical solution to the user-facing error message "This Community only allows one account per email address."