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How do I control the links in my invite emails?


This Article Applies To:
Impact Edition Pro Edition Team Edition Legacy Edition


Centercode’s Recruiting emails support the ability to customize the order, placement, and formatting of your default links. To adjust these, modify or create a new Recruiting email template, click on Advanced Options and check on the “Do Not Include Standard Footer” box. You’ll notice a new info box appears titled “Available Body Tags”. These placeholder tags, each associated with a different call to action, are outlined below:


The link that the user would click on to join this Opportunity. (Required)

  • %%SHARE%%

Text that represents whether or not this Invitation may be shared with others.


The link and text that a user will click to indicate they are not interested in receiving updates about this Opportunity.

  • %%OPTOUT%%

The link and text that a user may click to remove their entire user account from this system.

These body tags allow you to place particular links, such as your Opportunity link, at your desired location in your email body. Simply copy one of these placeholders and insert it in the body of your email where desired. Once properly placed, the %%OPPORTUNITYLINK%% tag, for example, will transform into "Click here to view this opportunity“ when viewed on the preview page and in the final email.

Why am I getting an “Incomplete Form” error when creating my Recruiting email?

This occurs when the “Do Not Include Standard Footer” box is checked and the Opportunity body tag (%%OPPORTUNITYLINK%%) isn’t used. Because this is an Recruiting-type email, there must be a link for your users to click to get into your Community or Project.