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How do I change my Community's landing page text? How do I edit my Community homepage?

Also add or remove the Create Account option from your login page

To change your Default Community Opportunity (your Community's login page), navigate to your Community Onboarding tool and locate your default Source associated with a Dedicated URL Source, (IMPORTANT) then click into the associated Opportunity.

The Opportunity that the Dedicated URL Source is underneath controls the landing page text that users see when they log into your Community. 

  • If no house icon is shown, you do not have a default Community Source in use. Locate a desired Opportunity Click into any Dedicated URL Source and choose it as your Community default by checking the “Use as Default Community Source” box and hitting submit. 
  • To disable the ability for users to openly create accounts into your Community, deactivate your Default Community Source. Click into the row on which the house icon is located, then find “Use as Default Community Source”. Toggle that checkbox off.
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