How do I change my Centercode Subdomain?

Centercode subdomains for Beta and Delta Edition users are set automatically during account creation.


This article applies to Pro, Team, and Legacy editions.

Centercode subdomains are locked to protect your company.

Your brand is one of the most important things about your company, and we take that seriously. In order to protect that image, Centercode locks subdomains to prevent anyone from posing as your organization when they set up an account.

While there’s no perfect solution, we think we’ve found something that’s flexible and fair: When creating your Centercode implementation, we’ll default the subdomain to match the domain of your email address. This ensures that only individuals with an active email at your organization can set up an account using that domain name.

Can I create a custom domain name?

Absolutely! We’d love to make your site look and feel like it’s a part of your existing identity. Custom implementation domains are part of our Centercode Professional and Team editions. Click Here to discover what our other editions have to offer, from custom domains to much more.