How do I access User File Download information?

Using Filters and Views you can search for information regarding File Downloads.

This Article Applies To: 
Impact Edition Pro Edition Teams Edition Legacy Edition

For each User matching your Filter results, you can see if a file was Downloaded successfully, Failed, or Not Tried.


From the Project Homepage:

  1. Click on Management in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on Users>Project Users.
  3. Click on the New link next to the View field.
  4. Select the Content>File Downloads data set.
  5. Double-click on any of the desired File items to add them to your View.
  6. Click the Save View check box (if desired), and give your View a name.
  7. Click on the Create View and Execute button.

You have successfully created a View that accesses User File Download information.


  • Manage Users Project Role
  • Moderate Views Project Role

Keep in mind this functionality will only work for files uploaded to, and subsequently downloaded from, Content or Releases.