How can I make sure a macro only runs once per User/Feedback?

This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.

Often, you’ll want to automate certain activities or actions that should only affect a User or Feedback ticket once. Hitting particular milestones can and should be automated, but it’s possible that the milestone automation could trigger more than once when it shouldn’t. To address this challenge Only run once… will ensure that your User or Feedback Macro will only hit its target one time to protect you from redundancy, bloat, or macro spam.

To ensure a macro only executes one time per user:

    1. In the navigation bar navigate to either the Project or Community level Users menu
    2. Click User resources
    3. Click Create a macro
    4. In the Customize section, check the Only run once per user box

    To ensure a macro only executes one time per Feedback:
    (Note: This is once per ticket, not once per Feedback Type)

    1. Click Management > Project configuration > Feedback types in the navigation bar
    2. Mouse over the desired Feedback Type
    3. Click the Modify (pencil) button
    4. Click Resources
    5. Click Create a macro
    6. In the Additional Options section, check the Only run once per Feedback box

    Common activities that would benefit from using the new Run Once functionality include: scoring testers (for their first project login, or for submitting a verified critical bug), emailing stakeholders when someone registers, or even automatically registering a user in your app through a Webhook Macro integration.