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How can I embed Centercode reports in other tools (like Confluence)?

Embed Centercode Reporting Elements (charts, graphs, lists of data, etc) in other systems

This Article Applies To:
Impact Edition Pro Edition Teams Edition Legacy Edition


After you've defined your report (selected data, added filters, set styles) and clicked Submit, the following page page includes an Additional Option called Enable Script Embedding (shown here).

This refers to the ability for each report element to generate an embed code to be placed in other systems to gain access to your report, if that system can convert HTML.

The report element will be as current as the the report is within your Centercode implementation. If your report is set to Refresh on an interval (daily, weekly, monthly, or manual) your data will as current as that interval. In other words

To embed Centercode report elements in other systems:

  1. Configure a custom or Macro report (How to create reports article here)
  2. Click Submit
  3. On the Create Report page, scroll down and click Enable Script Embedding
  4. Click Submit to will load and then complete your Report
  5. Click the Interactive Mode pencil on your Report
  6. Click the Modify pencil on the Report Element you wish to add to embed in another tool
  7. Click the </> icon
  8. Copy the Report Element Embed Code
  9. Add that to your system that is able to convert HTML

Click here to see a short video example of this process.