Configuring Project Settings for a Delta Test

Powerful signals for automating your Delta test come from Project and Product Details

Projects created within Centercode capture a wide range of testing, product, and participant details upon creation. These details heavily influence the Tester Engagement Director’s (Ted) messaging behavior, and the signals inform the recommended number of testers to fit your testing needs in addition to being available in the Centercode Data Engine's for reporting across all projects for high level metrics. These settings and details can be updated at any time after the project is created within the Basic Project Settings tool.

Project Details

Project Details influence various, high-level settings within a project, described below:

Department - the Department in which your Project will be created

Project Codename - what you want your Project to be known as
(Ted uses this codename in his automated emails to testers and admins)

Project Type - the category of test you’re running

    • Continuous (perpetual ongoing iterative test) is a Delta test
    • Project (a fixed duration with a beginning and an end) is a traditional beta test

Exposure Type - indicates how private the project should be

    • Open (information is not intended to be kept confidential)
    • Private (all information is intended to be kept confidential)

Project Style - allows you to pick a color and icon to associate with your project

Theme - the Visual Theme of your Project controlling logos and colors 

String Set - the customization of text throughout your project, determined by the selected String Set. This allows for localization or colloquialization of the text used within your Project 

Dashboard Time Zone -  the time zone for the Project, which influences when automated communications are sent

Project Email Address - the email used when emails are sent out to Participants

Project Key - the globally unique identifier used within API endpoints related to this Project

Product Details

Product Details inform the Project about your product to modify Ted's behavior to best engage your participants.

Product Name - the product you’re testing

Product Type - the categorization of your product

Product Market - the target market for your product, signaling to Ted and other automation when to send tester communications (before 9am, after 5pm, weekdays only, etc.)

Product Price - an estimation of your product's cost to your target market

Brand Impact - how value of the results of the test are relative to your brand

Participant Details

Participant details inform the Project about your testers.

Project Audience - the general persona of your target market (and therefore, participants)

Effort Expectation - how much effort you expect to require from participants during the test 

Identify By - how testers will be identified within your project - either Full Name or Username

Number of Testers - your goal number of testers based on required results or test planning